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An excerpt from Peter Margasak's liner notes for Good Days:

"On May 13, 2000 the Chicago Underground Quartet played one of the most searing and transcendent sets of music I’ve ever witnessed, as part of the Empty Bottle Festival of Jazz & Improvised Music. Cornetist Rob Mazurek, guitarist Jeff Parker, drummer Chad Taylor, and bassist Noel Kupersmith performed with a fiery singularity of purpose, ripping through its set like a bulldozer, albeit a machine marked by nuance and soulfulness. The following year the same line-up—which had previously made two albums for Delmark as the Chicago Underground Trio despite, with Parker nominally billed as a guest—dropped its eponymous debut on Thrill Jockey, serving up one of the strongest entries in the city’s modern history. Little did anyone know it would be nineteen years for the follow-up to surface. While Mazurek and Taylor continued to work together as the Chicago Underground Duo, and those two and Parker would occasionally collaborate in other contexts, it took a savvy maneuver by the Los Angeles producer, guitarist, and songwriter Chris Schlarb to bring all three together again for the first time in nearly two decades. Parker also enlisted saxophonist and keyboardist Josh Johnson—a Chicago native now based in LA, who plays in the guitarist’s New Breed band—to hold down the bass function, using a Rheem Kee Bass as well as adding depth with various keyboards."

released March 27, 2020

JOSH JOHNSON - synth bass, organ, piano
ROB MAZUREK - piccolo trumpet, electronics, bells
JEFF PARKER - electric guitar
CHAD TAYLOR - drums and percussion

Produced by Chris Schlarb

Engineered by Devin O’ Brien
Mixed by Chris Schlarb
Edited by Chris Schlarb and Jeff Parker
Recorded at BIG EGO, Long Beach California on Friday July 6th, 2018 Additional recording on March 14th and July 9th, 2019
Mastering by Helge Sten at Audio Virus Lab

Design & Layout by Jaime Zuverza
Album notes by Peter Margasak

ORGASM composed by Alan Shorter. Published by Joself Music Co (BMI)
STRANGE WING, ALL THE BELLS, and UNIQUE SPIRAL composed by Rob Mazurek. Published by OLHO (ASCAP)
GOOD DAYS (FOR LEE ANNE) composed by Jeff Parker. Published by umjabuglafeesh music (BMI)
BATIDA, LOMÉ, and WESTVIEW composed by Chad Taylor. Published by Ctorb (ASCAP)

CUQ wishes to thank Chris, Devin, BIG EGO, Nate Cross, Britt Mazurek and Stephen Buono (for the Rheem KeeBass).

The Chicago Underground Quartet is Chad Taylor, Jeff Parker, Josh Johnson and Rob Mazurek.
all rights reserved